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Formada em Relações Internacionais pela UFRRJ - Criadora do Asterisk Project.

The end of the season didn’t bring the resolution POC fans wished for. Is there any hope for the future?

Demore Barnes as Deputy Chief Christian Garland and Mariska Hargitay as Captain Olivia Benson — NBC

This is not a recap, this is a rant. Spoilers ahead nevertheless ! Again. A-fucking gain. Nothing new, nothing changed. Same old shit. …

Writing Prompt: New York

Asterisk Project: International Creative Writing

Blame it on Hollywood, American soft power or 90’s sitcoms — we can’t deny that New York City is deep in our collective imaginary. Don’t matter where you’re from, you probably heard tales about the Big Apple. …

Writing Prompt: Watercolor

Photo: Ana Luíza Azevedo

September, 2020. The pandemic is still here but so are we. Writing, of course. In this month, also paiting. Finally a one word writing prompt: Watercolor. Reasons for this prompt are quite selfish as usual: I wanted to paint. I also wanted to see people’s art. Selfishly…

Writing Prompt: Who were you in your past life?

In August, we pretended to remember our past lives as our writing prompt.Whether we believe we’ve lived past lives or not we’ve imagined what it would be like to have memories from another time, another place. Was it better? Worse than…

Writing Prompt: an instagram post by For Africans

Instagram Post by For Africans Photo by Sérgio Vicente

Asterisk Project: International Creative Writing

I’ve been in love with this Instagram Account for a while now. According to For Africans they have “visuals of lifestyles in africa curated for africans by africans.” So in July, we wrote about the picture above. All we had was the…

Em defesa da pedagogia afrocentrada — feita em casa!

Suplementar a educação de seus filhos. Como fazer? Foto: Ana Luíza Azevedo

Ensino Domiciliar e a Pandemia

Homeschooling ou Homeschool é a prática de ensino domiciliar. Ou seja, a criança não frequenta a escola regular é ensinada em casa, muitas vezes pelos próprios responsáveis. Embora o homeschool não seja regularizado no Brasil, existe uma demanda de pais e…

Writing Prompt: Acts of Kindness

Photo: Ana Azevedo

Asterisk Project: International Creative Writing

June, 2020. This world can be a difficult and dark place, but gestures of kindness — big or small — can light it up. For this prompt we asked our group to think about the kindnesses they’ve seen, heard about and/or experienced. …

Writing Prompt: Community

collage by ana

Asterisk Project: International Creative Writing

The Asterisk Project is back like nothing ever happened. Expect everything happened. But here we are with some new people and the good old ones. So on May, 2020 I thought we should write about COMMUNITIES.

I asked what people thought about the communities they had been/are…

Inspiration to keep on writing! Part of the #AsteriskProject

Writing Prompt: Kindness

The Asterisk Project Newsletter — Get your Creativeness Going!

Grammar tip for our new A1 members! Advanced members, please scroll down :)

Usamos o Simple Present para fatos gerais ou pessoais ou para falar sobre o que usualmente fazemos.Logo, …

Season one is over and we’d like to thank a few people:

Collage by Ana Corneau, 2019

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana:

Attention! This is NOT the end. The Asterisk Project is taking a break, yes. Let’s call is the end of season one. We’ll be back. Better, wiser, older. Sometime in the future. …


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